Also known as White Spot, this disease is very common and affects almost all freshwater fish. Ich can come from almost anything. A new fish, plant, or ornament can carry the organism that will affect the other tank inhabitants


Ich is very easy to detect. White spots, like grains of salt cover the fishes body and fins. Other fish behavior can include:

  • thickened slime coat
  • clamped fins
  • fish flicks/rubs itself against objects in the tank
  • faster gill movements
  • fish stops eating


If one fish has Ich the whole tank needs to be treated, not just the affected fish. Treat the tank with a .3% salt solution, OR with medication containing:

  • Malachite Green
  • Formalin
  • Copper

Raise the temperature to the high 70's and continue treatment until the fish have been Ich free for no less than 3 days, but ideally 6 days. Finally go ahead and vacuum the substrate to remove any remaining parasites.