Goldfish Care

Caring for a goldfish starts even before the initial purchase

By planning and researching goldfish prior to purchaing one you are caring for your goldfish. Though goldfish research it is easy to find the proper way to care for a goldfish.

Goldfish might seem like simple pets, but that is not always the case. Consider these goldfish tips when keeping your goldfish healthy and happy.

  • Regular scheduled water changes are a must. Changing about 20% of the water on a weekly basis should do.
  • Make sure your tank set-up has the proper equipment, Filtration and Aeration mainly. 
  • Check your water for pH, Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates.
  • Do not overfeed your goldfish, once a day is plenty.
  • Always quarantine new fish before introducing them to their new tank, or tankmates.
  • Goldfish should only be kept with other goldfish, for their own safety.