Goldfish Tank

While the standardised image of a goldfish in a bowl might be an iconic one, a goldfish is at significant risk is such a confined space.

While most goldfish have a lifespan of 10+ years, the uninformed buyer is typically just looking for a cheap pet. 

A goldfish, like any other pet should be taken care of to ensure a happy and healthy life. The goldfish tank is one of the most important parts to a goldfish's health.  

Keeping goldfish doesn't just happen. Keeping goldfish should be something we all choose to do, and we all have our own reasons:

  • Companionship
  • Pets for our kids
  • New hobby
  • Love of animals
  • the list goes on and on...

Raising healthy, happy goldfish in a beautiful well maintained tank, or aquarium should be the goal of any goldfish keeper. The goldfish are our responsability, and no happiness comes from wathing lethargic fish mope around a cramped tank until the end up floating. Without any control over their own environment, goldfish rely on us to provide them with the proper goldfish care that they deserve. To enhance the quality of the goldfish's life, it is important to plan things right from the beginning, not rushing through any part of the process.

Consider that a goldfish tank to the equivalent of our entire world. All a goldfish knows is confined inside those glass, or acrylic, walls. A goldfish tank is everything, and making it the best it can be might seem difficult, but it really can be quite simple. The three major components are...

The Tank
Goldifsh can grow to be quite large fish, and they produce more waste than your average fish. A minimum of 10 gallons per goldfish is your best bet. While a smaller goldfish can live in a smaller tank (5 - 8 gallon), it's not advisable, and will not end well. 

The Filter
There are three major types of filters

  • mechanical
  • biological
  • adsorptive/chemical

A mecahnical filter removes particles from the tank water to maximise the natural biological filtration. A Biological filtration system breaks down waste products in the aquarium water by using friendly bacteria. Adsorptive media can remove various substances from the water. 

Activated Carbon can remove: 

  • toxins
  • medications
  • dyes 

Specific Resins can remove:

  • ammonia
  • nitrate
  • phosphate

Goldfish will do fine under the most basic of lighting set-ups. Unless live plants are going to be introduced a light is just an easy way to view the fish. While some lighting can enhance to look of the fish, goldfish don't need light to live.