Tosakin Goldfish

Tosakins are a more rare breed of goldfish that are typically found in Japan. With a body shape like the Ryukin, the Tosakins tail fins open and spread flat causing the front ends to curl under.

Tosakin goldfish are best viewed from above, showing their pointed head, round trunk, and flat half circled tail that curls under.

Tosakin goldfish can be found in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Red and White
  • Iron Black
  • Calico

Tosakin Breeding

Breeder Tosakins are described to be quite slow to spawn but can be artificially spawned if necessary.

Tosakin Special Care

Because the Tosakin is a weak and poor swimmer Tosakin Goldfish should be kept in shallow water with no current. Slight changes in water chemistry can be very harmul, and Tosakin Goldfish are very weak throughout their first year.