Hole in the head


Hole in the head disease,  is not common and is an unknown type of disease. While the parasite Hexamita was always thought to be the cause, it is now common to get hole in the head disease from:

  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Poor Lighting
  • Poor Water Quality
  • Stress
  • Bacterial Infection.


The diagnoses of Hole in the Head disease will occur in stages. Initially, small holes will appear in the head region of the goldfish. These holes will develop into a tubular eruption that will have mucus trailing from then, in cream or yellow colors. The goldfish faeces may also become pale and stringy. 

Other symptoms can include

  • Lesions at the base of the fin and along the lateral line
  • Eroding skin and fins
  • Milky body appearance
  • Hollow Bellied
  • Slime coat coming off in strands. 


A hospital tank with perfect water quality is the first step for your goldfish with hole in the head disease. Treat with a medication including Metronidazole, or a medicated food if the goldfish is still eating. A 0.3% salt solution will help prevent secondary infections.