Also know as Argulus, Lice is a very common parasite that can be found in pet stores worldwide. A very dangerous parasite, the lice  can cause extreme irritaion as its hooks can go into the goldfish's skin and gills. Secondary infection can also be common due to the open wound. The irritation can also cause secondary parasite attacks including: 

  • Ich
  • Costia 

The goldfish lice will lay eggs and those eggs will hatch after a few days and the mini lice will go looking for a host to feed on. Follow up treatment are very important as the process can take 1 to 3 months from start to finish.


GOldfish Lice are visible, unlike most other parasites, with the naked eye. Lice have a green disc like shape, often with two visible eyes, and they will move around on the goldfish.

Other symptoms can include:

  • scratching and rubbing against objects
  • tiny red spots where the hooks held on to the body and gills.


The visible fish lice should be removed from the goldfish body with tweezers, and the remaining red marks should be treated with neosporin. Best treated with a medication containing  Diflubenzuron.