Common Goldfish

The body is a brilliant metallic orange-red or yellow, and this vivid color etends into the fins.

It has a stock body with equally convex dorsal and ventral contours. The dorsal fin has a long base, and the anal and caudal fines are not divided, and the caudal fin is moderately forked. Young fish are dark in color when hatched, and change to adult coloration at around one year of age - although not every fish changes color.

Common Gender

Although is it impossible to sex Goldfish when they are young and not in breeding season, the male is usually smaller and more slender that the female. In the breeding season the male has white prickles, called breeding tubercles, on its gill covers and head. Seen from above the female will have a fatter appearance as she is carrying eggs.

Common Breeding

Common Goldfish are egg layers that spawn readily in the right conditions.

Common Special Care

This fish is very hardy and does not need special care. 

Common Compatability

Goldfish are very social animals and thrive in a community. Not only are they a great community fish but they are great scavengers as well. It is really not necessary to add other scavengers or other bottom feeders to the aquarium when you have goldfish.