Celestial Eye Goldfish

The fancy Celestion eye goldfish have a pair of characteristic telescope eyes which are turned upwards.

Celestial gold fish are part of a realtively small group of goldfish without a dorsal fin. They can vary widely in color, with either metallic of nacreous scales. Due to many issues that the upward oriented eyes, celestial gold fish are best kept in a tank with out celetial eyes. Young Celestials will have normal eyes that protrude slightly sideway and then over a period of 6 months will turn upwards.

Celestial Eye Special Care

These goldfish are also very sensitive to colder water. Ensuring the temperature does not drop below 55° F for extended periods of time will assist in a very long and happy life.

Celestial Eye Compatability

Due the the celestial goldfish's limited eyesite, they do not compete well for food, and should only be kept in aquariums with other celestial goldfish.